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OH !


It was hard to leave this enchanting city but there was much to see nearby so we took off after breakfast to explore the neighboring sights.
First stop was only 20 minutes away.
It was amazing to see how quickly the landscape changed.  We left a big city and before we knew it we were in forests, farms and waterfalls!

Montmorency Falls

The power of rushing waterfalls never ceases to awe me.

Some more of those famous maple leaves.

The view of the city from our aerial tram.
You can see how close we are to the city.

And just up the road from the falls was the Basilica Sainte-Anne de Beaupre.

This sanctuary receives about a half million pilgrims a year who come to be cured of their disabilities.

Two pillars in the front entrance are covered in crutches from people who are said to have been miraculously cured.
There was a most beautiful and touching prayer to Sante Anne at the main altar. I thought I copied it down but cannot find it.  

The back of the cathedrals is often as impressive, if not more, so than the front.

After the church we drove over this bridge to the Ile d'Orleans, an island which is the farming breadbasket for the city. 
Notice the Falls in the background.

Heard about this chocolate and ice cream place on the island that once again we just 'had' to try.
It was packed and we had to wait in line but we got some delicious ice cream and ham and cheese croissants.

After our little lunch break we spent about an hour driving around the little island, admiring it's tidy villages and rolling farmlands.

Couldn't get a good image of the rolling roads here so, again, google images comes through. 
We were on several roads like this throughout our trip through Canada.

Getting tips from locals is one of our favorite parts of traveling.
The petite strawberries grown on the island are famous for their natural sweetness and so we stopped at a little road side stand and bought some from the nicest little boy.
They truly were the sweetest we've ever had.
Another benefit:

'Naturally selected for its great taste, this unique variety contains more antioxidants and bioactive molecules than traditional fruit. The Authentic Orleans strawberry is grown exclusively in Île d'Orleans, near Quebec City.
The Authentic Orleans strawberry has reduced inflammation and biomarkers related to metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes in animal studies.'

Our little side trip to nature was delightful 
but mid-afternoon found us back in the city. 
Yesterday was spent in Vieux Quebec only and there is an entire other part of the city we needed to explore.
The section outside the wall.
The "regular" city of Quebec.
More modern buildings but still just dripping with charm and uniqueness. 

This is a popular equivalent of our 'Five and Dime" stores- they sell  just about everything.

How is this for uniqueness?
Let's dress the street lamps up with lampshades and have some fun!

Another absolutely adorable statue. 

A  beautiful huge park area called The Plains of Abraham brings nature into the city- old and new.

The next series of photos were taken along the Grand Allee. 
I just love that name.  So French.
And you just know its got to be special with a name like that.
It was.

I included a lot of photos of basically the same thing (cafes) so you could get an idea of just how many there were.  Both sides of the street for miles were lined back to back with cafes.

Seeing this, of course, we got hungry and who wouldn't want to eat at one of these outdoor sidewalk bistros?
All booked. Hour waits.
So no go.
But we had another place in mind anyway so we stuck with our original plan. 

Another view of the Dufferin Terrace.  
I told you it goes on forever.

Remember this ferry.
It will come up a little later.
There will be a quiz  :)

Not many regrets here but this was one...
we didn't eat crepes here.  :(

Looking down upon lower town from upper on the terrace.

They take their street performers seriously here. Love the support.  Grandstand seating even!

And can I just tell you how much it tickled me to find this juxtaposition?

Love my two horn blowers!

This was our restaurant choice.
Le Chic Shack.
(Their version of our Shake Shack).
Outdoor cafe seating with the best view in town.

Long last lingering  looks at this dreamy castle all through dinner.
Enjoyed our patio right through dusk and dark. Watched the lights come on. 

The view looking to the side.

Bison burger, Salted Maple Caramel Milkshake (of course!)
and we just had to try one more Poutine on our last night in Canada. 
This one was the best.  By far.
Happy campers!

Another long last look at my beloved Petit Champlain.

I always think cities on the water always look better seen from the water.
So, we took the afore mentioned ferry just to the other side of the river just for these views.  
It was a  perfectly lovely balmy night .
And the city was glorious all lit up at night.
I just can't seem to master night photography yet so these photos do not even come close to doing it justice but it will give you the idea.

Terrible photo but it proves we were there!

One word:  MAGICAL.

After breakfast and while Dale was finishing up some of his phone calls and reports,
I made a quick dash around the city for one last loving look. 
I had a hard time leaving it.
It was everything I dreamed it would be and then some. 
I highly recommend it.
One more superlative I haven't mentioned yet:
It's considered to be THE
Most Romantic City in North America.

Late risers here.  The city was all but deserted.

Added this photo to show the height difference between the lower and upper towns.

Au Revoir, Quebec City.
I loved every square inch of you.
You delighted and surprised me at every turn.

We leave rejoicing that we had the privilege of seeing this world treasure.

And au revoir Canada.
You were beautiful.
Your people were so friendly.
Your food interesting and yummy.
We do love you.
You're a good neighbor. 


When I first started the posts about Canada I thought I would wait till the end and post all the unique foods we ate together.  Then somewhere along the line, I changed my mind. 
So here are the poor lost food photos...
we enjoyed some strange but wonderful new tastes.
And I tried things I normally never would, but since it was the region's speciality I felt I just had to.

This item below definitely falls into that category.

Any guesses?

Pig's Tails.
Uh-huh. You heard that right. 

We were told by several people- friends, missionaries and locals alike -that we had to go to this restaurant in the Toronto area and order their speciality- their signature Pig Tails. 
They were quite good.  
Tasted pretty much like BBQ's ribs.
What surprised us was how much meat they had on them.

We saw handmade signs on wooden boards all along the roads and highways advertising "Chip Trucks" ahead
.  At first I thought they must sell wood chips for fireplace starters or some such thing.
The chips are fries.  Like in Fish and Chips.
Except they are poutines.
Poutine is a dish born out of rural Quebec that consists of 3 ingredients: fries, brown gravy, and cheese curds. 
That is in its purest, original form.
They used to be found only in "greasy spoon" type places or these roadside shacks.
Now it is amped up with all kinds of exotic additions which
 even gourmet restaurants offer.
And, of course, it is offered in every McDonald's and Burger King.

This was our very first taste of poutine.
It was just okay.We tried it about 4 more times and found the gravy makes the biggest difference in taste. We like the gourmet version at the Chic Shack in Quebec City the best.

And , of course, you can get Poutine chips in a bag as well.

Side note.
Not food.
But I loved their currency.
The shiny- looking parts were actually clear and 'see-through'. 
And plenty of sparkle as well.

Fun "Trial" Flavors!
Tried them all.
It is amazing how they taste just like what they are supposed to. 

Some more Poutine.  This was better than the first.
With Lobster Tacos.

Thought you may be interested in these as well.
The Ketchup chips? 
Not good.

Okay. I tried Pigtails.
Want to know what was even braver of me?  What took more courage to try?


You heard me right.

I actually ate and loved a beaver tail!!!

Ha!  Not as daunting as I let on.
I'm not as brave as you thought :)

We had the Avalanche. 
One of the yummiest things we tried here.
After eating this one I set a 'goal' of eating one a day but then we were overwhelmed with all the sugar pies and maple bacon goodness  everywhere that I just couldn't do it.

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