Sunday, April 5, 2015

MARCH 30- APRIL 5, 2015


What a delight it is to be celebrating Easter on General Conference weekend. Such an appropriate way to honor our Savior and Redeemer.  I am so grateful to Him for His love, life and sacrifice.  I know I can repent and change and constantly become better and move forward through His Atonement and I know I can live again after death through the power of His Resurrection.  I am grateful His Gospel was restored and we are given Apostles and Prophets in this day to guide us through the problems of our time. 

Some of my favorite Conference quotes so far:

"Thee lift me, and I'll lift thee, and we'll ascend together."

"Complete not compete."

"A saint is a sinner who keeps on trying."

"In pursuit of me and mine, have I forgotten Thee and Thine?"

So many more that I will share later.

Tuesday was a sunny day and on the warm side for here (high 40's, low 50's) so we headed to the coast.  I can only stay away from the beach so long!  We took another prescribed 'scenic route' and this one was a keeper.  We saw parts of Massachusetts that I didn't know existed and lovely bits of New Hampshire and Maine.  We started our coastal drive at Salisbury, Massachusetts and then drove up the coast to Kittery Point, Maine passing through Seabrook, Hampton Beach, Rye, and Portsmouth along the way.  Loved it!!!

East Coast sea glass! 
A beauty at that!

 Hampton Beach reminds me of Huntington Beach- wide and long!  (sigh)

Can never get enough of the homes here.  We see so many marvelous ones but usually there is no place to pull over and take a photo.
 Isn't this just about the cutest little church house you ever did see?

 Little Rye Harbor

When we left this morning Dale said he wanted lobster for lunch. We stopped at Petey's in Rye.  I got the lobster and he got fried calms and oysters which is what he gets any chance he gets now. (chooses that even over lobster).

 Classic Lobster shack!

 Can never get enough of these churches either!
Portsmouth, N.H.
We've been here before but didn't have time to poke around the cute downtown so we did it today.

 Popped into an Irish store.  Love my MacBrady motto!

 It's a lovely town with gas lamps lining the streets.

 Great store signs! Both of the above tickled me.

 On the other side of the bridge is Kittery, Maine.

A view of Portsmouth from across the river.

Wednesday I helped with the lunch for the Mission Leadership Council.  Seldom remember to take pics but they are pretty much the same every time anyway. :)  Lots of food and lines of happy missionaries!

Thursday found us in the temple again.  It was a lovely, peaceful time.

Friday brought us to our District Meeting and Zone Lunch.  
We served a traditional Easter Dinner since most of our missionaries will be eating Haitian, Spanish, or Portuguese food on Easter.
They loved it and, as always, were very appreciative.

 Our new senior archive missionary, Sister Terry, made these yummy bird's nests.

 The Sisters got Peeps lip balm and the Elders got Reese's carrots.

Elder Welker, one of our Haitianairies.  Just missing Elder Rice.

 It was transfer text day and we found out that we were losing quite a few from our zone so we had to take a big group zone photo.  ( we have a regular visitor , front row left, who likes to drop by for lunch!)

 Elders Turley and Corpus  and Sisters Thompson and Frei.

 Our District:  the above mentioned plus  Elders Rice and Welker and Sister Terry (Sister Valentine was ill and missed!)

Our fabulous Spanish missionaries.

 The fun Portuguese Group!
Elder Jackson, standing on right, is our zone leader.  He has been with us for 5 months and is one of the ones leaving. We love him dearly.  He will be an Assistant to the President so we will thankfully get to see him every now and then.

 I actually started to cry when I heard who was being transferred.  These days are hard on me.  You get so close to and grow to love these great "kids" and then they move on.

After our lunch, we visited with our artist friend, Loretta.  We gave her an Easter Basket with Christ- themed goodies and she gifted us with another of her drawings.  
She is an inspiration. 

Friday evening our stake had a musical Easter fireside that was phenomenal.  We were treated to the caliber of music we would have paid to hear.

 Sorry this is wrinkled.  Put in my purse. 
Thought our musical friends would enjoy reading these impressive bios. 

I hope it is green and flowers are blooming where you live.
This is what Easter Sunday looks like in our backyard.

But that is the message of hope that Spring and Easter share;
The hope that there will be new life and new growth.

There is hope because HE lives!

Please view this very short video to feel that hope and His love.

If you reach out, call out, cry out
He is here.
Then, now, always.
No matter who you 
or who you were.
No exceptions.
No lost causes.
He lives today.

Find Him.

He is the reason we can go our way rejoicing. 

We love you and hope you have a joyful Easter. 


  1. We missed you guys especially on Easter. I'm sure those missionaries got an amazing dinner. I think I will die of sadness when I'm there. I'm 90% positive I've developed an allergy to shellfish.

  2. Looks like another fabulous day trip! Always jealous of the lobster.

    The Easter dinner looked delicious! I loved all the beautiful flowers and cute subway art you always put out to make things more festive. I'm sure all those missionaries write home about the amazing luncheons they always have :) We sure miss you guys, but most especially on holidays. xoxo