Sunday, April 12, 2015

APRIL 6-12, 2015

We have had our share of showers and are waiting anxiously for the flowers!  I wish I could send some of this rain to California. :(
The past 2 days have been relatively warm and sunny and everyone is overjoyed! I feels so good to have warm sunshine on your face. The things you take for granted!

Our last little pile of snow.

This week for our Pday we went to Boston's Museum of Fine Arts.  We is gittin' so cultured folks!
This is one museum where they actually let you take photos of ALL the art!  I went crazy! I won't share all of my photos but jest so you can be as cultured has us, I will share some of the highlights.

We took the "T" and got off at the Northeastern University stop which is closet to the museum. It was fun walking through campus.  We ate lunch at a local place surrounded by students.

This wasn't our stop but I love the name of this one.  Wonderland is my favorite but this one makes me think of Harry Potter and London for some reason.  Haymarket is my other favorite. :)

This is Chicken Lou's, the most popular place for lunch on campus. Sadly it was take out only and it was just a tad too chilly to eat al fresco so we didn't partake. 

The featured exhibit was the works of Japanese artist Hokusai.  I have always loved his iconic wave and was very excited to see it in person.  A most pleasant surprise was how much I enjoyed his other works as well.  It was a fascinating collection.

 Perhaps inspired by Hokusai, I found these branches to be a work of art themselves.  That is one thing I have really come to appreciate this winter- the beauty of bare branches. 

We were there till closing at 4:30 and only saw a third of this wonderful museum.  We knew we couldn't see it all so selected the American Art and European Art wings to explore.

 Read this information above and then notice the names engraved around the rim of the bowl.  They are the original Sons of Liberty.  Brave men.

 I love doors and this is from one of the grandest homes from Kittery, Maine during the 18th century.  I thought I would include it as we were just there last week.

 I included this not only because it is a very famous painting by a very famous artist, but also because of the Boston history involved.

 A bust of Thomas Jefferson by Jean-Antoine Houden said to be the best likeness of Jefferson ever done.  This bust was the model used for the profile on the 1903 dollar and 1938 nickel. 

I love old posters and was delighted to find an exhibit of war posters.
 The original !

This one is very sad but I  can see how powerfully it pulled on emotions to make its point and get the citizens involved.

Now we move on to European Art.  I cannot tell you how thrilled I was to find it filled with some of my favorite works from some of my very, very favorite artists!

Claude Monet
My all time favorite artist.

I included this not only because I love it; I love how it draws you right into the scene and you feel as if you are walking down this street, but also because it is of Honfleur, a most charming port town we visited when we were in France.


 Van Gogh


I so love that he included a fabric skirt and real ribbon, even though these were two of the things the critics at the time most hated.

 John Singer Sargent



Adam and Eve 

The above were my personal favorites and following are more famous artists:


I love when the museums themselves are works of art.

After a most fulfilling and enlightening day at the museum we took the T back to Cambridge where we had parked the car and went to State Park for dinner.  I know previously we had mentioned we were over "The Best Thing I  Ever Ate" but I guess we are just suckers for it and can't resist if one is nearby.  

Not bad. But not the best.

Interesting scenery across the street.

Thursday was once again enjoyed in the temple. And once again, every six weeks, it was time for the missionaries going home to come spend their last day within its holy walls.  We were able to be with them and it is truly a special time for us to savor with them. 
Another special treat is doing sealings- sealing families together for eternity.  The men who are called as sealers are wonderful men and sometimes share personal stories or first hand experiences.We were touched deeply by the very personal insight shared about his conversion.  His mother passed away when he was 3 and after that his home life was not the best. He along with 3 of his brothers "ran away from home" to join the armed forces as soon as they were old enough.  It was during his service stationed in Germany that he first heard the Gospel message.  What struck him to his core was the idea that he was a child of God.  That he was loved and important to God Himself.  He had never felt of worth before and this was an epiphany for him.  It changed his life.  He went from being a "nobody" to a happily married husband, father and a successful lawyer.  He recounted a moment that was dear to his heart involving a church video that depicted life after death.  He saw a man who had died being greeted joyously by those who had gone before.  He said at that moment he saw himself being greeted by the mother he could not remember.  His mother had died in childbirth and he was the second youngest. As she left for the hospital, she told an older sister who would be watching him to tell him she loved him and to be a good boy while she was gone.  The thought of their sweet reunion was so astonishingly wondrous to him.  He looks forward to that day when he can run into her arms and tell her "I was a good boy."  
We treasure these moments.

Friday we were treated to a very well-planned and executed zone conference by our zone leaders and sister trainers.  "Spring Forward with Faith" was our theme.  Everyone here is so anxious for sunny skies and warm weather.  Especially these blessed ones who are out in it every day.  It was motivating, uniting and fun all at the same time.  

  Lemonade in fancy glasses with straws and lime wedges were the idea of... the elders!  Let's hear it for the boys!

We were asked to share what one of the favorite things about our mission is and again we had to say being around these remarkable young people.  To think they leave home, friends, family, the fun and exciting lifestyle of college willingly to serve the Lord and His children with all their hearts, might mind and strength is so inspiring.  Many of them are still teenagers!  And how they conduct themselves and what they accomplish is amazing to us. Having not served a mission myself, I find it fascinating to see how it all works from the inside out.  The responsibilities and sacrifices they take on themselves is impressive and wonderful to see. My gratitude goes out to all of you who have thus served. You are outstanding, uncommon and commendable.

One of our talks today at church was very poetic in its analogy of winter and spring in the seasons of our lives and hearts and testimonies.  How spring is so beloved because it follows a harsh ,bleak, grey winter and its promise of new life, new beginnings is so refreshing and invigorating. It's as if spring tells us no matter how long or hard your winter, that you are not forgotten.  Your spring will come. And she talked about all the beautiful signs of spring that are reminders of Christ.  The sun, the flowers, all new life.   

I love this little booklet.  It shares a scripture a day and then expounds upon it.   I try and read a page at night just before bed so it's on my mind as I drift off to sleep.  This is what I read on Saturday night:

"Do not spend money for that which is of no worth, nor your labor for that which cannot satisfy...come unto the Holy One of Israel, and feast upon that which perisheth not, neither can be corrupted...Let you hearts rejoice."  2 Nephi 9:51-52

"Few things stand the test of time.  A latest, greatest innovation or idea is always on the horizon.  But rising above the mad dash for the newfangled is the message of the everlasting gospel: Our Father in Heaven so loved us that He sent His Only Begotten Son to ransom us from sin and death. Our beloved Savior gave His life for us that we may be forgiven and, if we are true and faithful, inherit all that the Father hath.  These are the words of eternity.  This is the feast that does not perish, the bread of life that daily sustains us (John 6:35-48).  We can be spiritually fed and lifted by the Lord's grace --every day.  When we are discouraged, He lifts us with His radiant life.  When we feel alone and afraid, He beckons us to come unto Him.  These things will never change; they are the immutable, ineffable truths of the great plan of happiness. May our hearts rejoice in them."

Our hearts do rejoice!

Because He Lives


  1. It looks like your adventure to the museum was great. Those were great pictures. It also sounds like you are doing a amazing job on your mission and in the temple. Keith and I have been to Kittery, Maine a long time ago. It was beautiful and we ate wonderful whole lobster dinners there for $6.95. It was awesome.

  2. Oh I would have iced that museum!

  3. i have always loved that famous wave painting too! so many beautiful works of art there...lucky you!

    love that quote about winter and spring.