Monday, January 26, 2015

JANUARY 19-25, 2015

Yay! We finally got our first real snow fall here!  It snowed all day Saturday. Most people are not happy about it but I have to admit...I am thrilled!! It is so beautiful! It is magical!  Especially falling snow. This is what New England in winter is supposed to look like. I love it!

These were the biggest snowflakes I have ever seen. 

I tried to post a video but it doesn't seem to be working and now I can't remove it either. Sorry!

 Of course, I just had to go out and play !

My cute little snowman! 

 Now...backing up to Wednesday...
I had to go into Mass. General in Boston for my every -6 months -cancer-free -check up so we planned our Pday around that.  As the hospital is literally right across the street from the historic Beacon Hill neighborhood we decided to explore that area more in depth after my appointment.

Waiting room with a view! Boston skyline and golden State House dome.

 Susan and I peeked our heads into this former prison turned hotel before and I've posted about it but since it was practically attached to the hospital- right next door- and since my appointment was over at 1 we decided to eat lunch there at "The Clink". 
Unique experience. Average food.

Onto our tour of Beacon Hill.
Beacon Hill is a National Historic District, filled with working gas lamps, ancient elm trees, brick sidewalks, cobblestone streets, and 19th century row houses.  Many of Boston's most wealthy residents call this area home.  We hope to return and photograph it in the summer and fall.
Again, my winter disclaimer... photos aren't the best-it's too cold to take my hands out of my gloves long enough to take good ones :)

 Aren't you proud of us for going out exploring even in the "bitter" cold?

 Love these chimneys!

 They love their Christmas wreaths here- nearly every house still has them still up.

 Love these birds in the bare tree.

 It's very difficult to capture the charm of the streets lined with the gas lamps.  Here's a go at it.

 Beacon Street borders Boston Common on one side so we were able to watch some ice skaters there for a bit on our walk around the Hill.

 3 Steeples in one shot! Love! Gas lamp thrown in for good measure!

 This store had some socks displayed outside the door. We went in and each bought a pair. Heat Holders.  7 times warmer than any other sock. We love them. Finally our feet are warm while in our cold apartment. 
 I need this mirror! Made me look tall and thin! Fun house mirror?

The Arts and Craft Sunflower House.

 This darling tiny street, according to our walking tour guide, is 
"the most photographed street in America."

Since it is said to be one of the most photographed streets in the country, I decided I should have some fun with it! Below are some of my "experiments". 

Which is your favorite? 

 A picturesque alley way.

Saw these hats in the window and just knew Dale had to have one!
It's very warm and he loves it!

 Farewell to Beacon Hill till next time.

 The frozen Charles River.

Thursday brought us back to the temple once again.  We missed our time there while it was closed for deep cleaning .   It is indeed a special place of peace.

The Boston Temple in Winter.

One of our Senior Missionaries, Sister Elmer, who has been serving in the Archives for the past 18 months finished her mission and leaves for home on the 26th of this month.  Here she is giving a few choice pieces of advice to our zone on Friday at our lunch.  

She didn't have a car while she was here so didn't get to see and do as much as she'd like. We asked her to choose something from the top of her wish list and we would take her there before she left.
She chose Lexington, Concord and Walden Pond.  We went after our zone lunch on Friday so it was getting late but she was so happy she got to see these places !

 Walden Pond

 Her  sweet companion, Sister Valentine.
She couldn't get over the size of this leaf!

 Liberty Bridge, site of "The Shot Heard Round the World".

This was taken at an open house for her given by Sister Valentine at their apartment on Monday evening.

Sunday evening Celestine and "Benji" Benjamin invited the senior sisters, the English speaking sisters and elders, and us over for dinner.  Celestine is a lovely refined woman and always goes all out for her dinner parties. She sets a beautiful table. Benji does the cooking and she does the baking. A delicious arrangement.  We were served Ox-tails, roasted chicken, rice and beans, macaroni and cheese, plantains, a green salad and warm rolls. And homemade punch.  Eggnog cake was dessert. 

 Benji is taking piano lessons and they bought this lovely grand piano for him !  They love to sing hymns after dinner so we all happily indulged them.
Our lovely hosts. 
As you can see, Sister Elmer was sent off with lots of love.

We had a very full Sunday.  After church, we took 2 of our missionaries to the Veterans Hospital to give the Sacrament to a couple from Maine   He was flown in for diagnosis- lymphoma.  He will stay through this week for his first round of chemo then go home for the rest of his treatments nearer to home.  He was a very nice young man (42) and we are happy to say his outcome is very favorable. 
Next, we dropped those elders off at their apartment and picked up 4 more missionaries to take to our ward correlation meeting at a member's home, the Hixsons, Nate and Catherine. The ward is really getting involved and catching the vision of their role in missionary work and it is rewarding to witness.  Oh!  The Hixsons have a pet hedgehog!!! He sleeps on a heating pad and roams freely around the house.  So cute! 

After the meeting  we took all the missionaries to the Benjamin's home for the afore mentioned dinner.Took the missionaries back to the church afterwards and then made our way home. Arrived , tired but happy, around 7pm. We live about an hour away from our assigned ward, remember. The driving can get old but it looked like a winter wonderland today so we enjoyed it a little more :)

As I am ready to post this we are hearing word that we will be in the midst of a huge snowstorm of historic proportions before morning.  I may not be so enamored with snow at my next writing.  You will just have to wait till the next post to see how we fared!

Let's hope it will find us still rejoicing.  :)


  1. I'm catching up! You are finally painting a picture of how busy you guys are! Boston is so lucky to have you!

  2. the hedgehog!! kailea is looking at these posts with me and she thinks it's a stuffed animal :) i want one!

    as kim said, you guys are so crazy busy but so happy and cheerful about it. boston IS lucky!

    does dad's hat say dale on it? and i loved the last two pictures of that famous cool!