Sunday, January 4, 2015




It just didn't seem right to go out on a Pday the day the Moores were leaving and since my birthday was on Tuesday, we switched Pday to Tuesday.  Good thing we did because Dr./Elder Braithwaite was on the phone from the time he got up till nearly 3:00 straight! Between Christmas Eve and Christmas Day he had but one call, but ever since then the calls have been practically non-stop.  We figure a lot of parents, after talking with their sons or daughters on Christmas, said to them 'now you be sure and call your doctor about that!' :D
We don't mind.  That is our mission, after all.  And we wouldn't trade it!

P day: My Birthday!
I had a lovely, wonderful day.  Opened some delightful gifts in the morning

 and then took off for a day trip to:

 Newburyport, Massachusetts

Another day, another charming sea coast New England village. 
This one was less than an hour away and although we plan to visit it several more times in spring and summer, we wanted to get out and this was a fun choice. 
It was 23 degrees most of the day. Which did hamper our style somewhat, I will admit. Especially when it came to taking photos. I do have those techno gloves with the special material on the fingertip to allow photos with them on but they don't fit tightly enough and I always end up taking them off and it was just too cold to be doing that very often.  We bundled up and layered up from  our thermals to our goose down coats and really the only thing freezing on us were our faces. 

 We got there around lunch time so we asked around for a restaurant with a fireplace (my #1 request!) and ate at the Black Cow, the restaurant behind this great sculpture. 

I got my wish! And... we got to sit right next to it!  And... they had one of the best hot chocolates I've ever had!  The day is going well so far! 

 It was right on the water too but , this time, I chose fireplace over window view.

Will you still need me , will you still feed me when I'm 64?
Yep!  Thank you, Dale!
 Savored this divine goat cheese and onion tart! 

After lunch, it was off to explore the village. It was adorable but as mentioned, I didn't take the photos to do it justice. Here are a few to give you just a taste:

The lighthouse above has been turned into a 5 star gourmet restaurant that only sits 2 at a time and you get a 3 hour block when you book it.  I know this because, of course, I looked into it! It is after all, named the most romantic and exclusive dining in the Boston area and also on the "Top 35 Things to Do" in New England list as well.  So why did we not eat there, you ask? Does a minimum of $500 a meal answer your question?

Couldn't walk past this cute little guy atop this mailbox without a photo. Resident a composer or conductor, maybe? 

As you know, one of my favorite things about Europe were all the specialty signs hanging outside the shop doors.  They have them here aplenty.  Love! Love! Love!

So, I have discovered that there is one really good advantage about shopping with your husband in the freezing cold: he doesn't mind one bit popping into all the cute stores , as many as you want, because it's a chance to warm his cute face! :D

A shopping village outside of the main village is called the Tannery - home of the mini Whoopie Pie.  I had the original and Dale had the salted caramel chocolate.  Pretty good but if it were up to me, I'd have more filling and a little less "Pie". 

 They basically look like  French Macarons and are about the same size.

Just a pretty sparkly tree at first glance...

but on closer inspections...!

Another creative tree!

After the Tannery we got in the car and drove along High Street, another one considered to be one of the most beautiful residential streets in the country. 

Large lovely homes on large lovely lots.  These photos don't do it justice but I took these from the car.  These were the few that had a spot to pull over in front of them.  :)

Plum Island is right next door so we drove over there to check it out.  Gorgeous!  Even in winter.  Reminded me of the Outer Banks in North Carolina. We were there just as the sun was setting - a picture perfect ending  to our outing.


We had planned on eating your classic N.E. Lobster dinner at a little shack out here but when we saw it ( a true shack- poorly insulated) and considering the cold, we opted to save that for our trip back in the summer.  So we headed back home and had a steak dinner there before going to a movie. Pretty nice birthday, I'd say!  :)

Wednesday Dale had a lot more calls and we did our Costco run to get supplies for Friday's lunch, Sloppy Joe's this time.

Thursday we laid low at home working on projects ( blogging, blogging, blogging - I'm 3 behind!) and Dale on the phone again. We were asked to teach a 20 minute lesson in our district meeting on Friday so we prepared for that as well.

District meeting

The lesson we taught was on President Monson's talk, "Ponder the Paths of Thy Feet"
Lunch was fun.  Lots of laughing and getting to know our young missionaries better.

Looked what happened Saturday night!!!!!

 I got my wish! 
I really really wanted to see a New England Christmas in snow.  Thought I missed my chance. Then this came down while we were eating pizza at Bertucci's in Lexington! And the Christmas lights were still up! So happy!

Dale, not so much :D !
(Clearing the snow off the windows while I sit warm in the car)

So pretty. I love freshly fallen snow!

Sadly, it turned to rain in the middle of the night so it didn't last. We may get some more this week that is supposed to stick though so here's hoping!  ( I think I may be the only adult in the vicinity who is wishing for snow!)

Church was interesting today.  Still  a LOT of people away and everything was hit or miss.
Dale taught Sunday School on the spot and there was no leadership in RS. The teacher was there fortunately and she just kind of did everything- chose the songs, lead the music, taught the lesson , etc.  She did a wonderful job on all accounts.  She is from Nigeria and another person we admire very much.  Her husband is the bishop back in Nigeria and he stayed there because there is needed there so desperately. He will join his family here as soon as he can but in the meantime she is raising 3 little boys on her own here. Heroes all around us.

Love our mission!  Love our lives! Love you !  May 2015 bring blessings, health, happiness and prosperity to each of you.


  1. How fun! These posts make me realize how much Seth takes after you. I love it. We missed you on your birthday and I'm glad you had fun!

  2. I love my California Weather, but these photos make me want to come over there! ( to visit ;) Mom, you look beautiful. And I love seeing dad all bundled up. I can count on one hand how many times I have seen that. Love and miss you both!

  3. glad you had such a wonderful birthday! that goat cheese onion thing looked amazing! and yayyyy for snow! looked gorgeous!! so glad you got your wish, even if but for a moment :)

    and i can NOT get over those pictures from plum island!! seriously, did you edit those? that one with the tree does not look real! i want to have a family photo shoot there! (when it's warm, of course)

    love you!