Saturday, August 8, 2015

SUMMER 2015 Mission Life

( The season and my daughter :)

We are so grateful that the summer is treating us well here.  When I heard we were going to the East coast I think I was more concerned about surviving  hot, humid summers than I was about cold, snowy winters.  But so far, so good.  We have had no unbearable days and most have been very pleasant. And I do love those warm summer nights!

This week we tried to enjoy more of the outdoors.  Dale took 3 of the missionaries out to lunch and then to a driving range on Monday for their PDay.  They appreciated it so much and they all had a great time.

Tuesday brought us a summer storm with lightning, thunder, huge raindrops and hail- the works!
It was kinda fun- especially since our car, Ol' Bessie the Mission Mobile, was protected from any hail damage.  

Wednesday we explored a famous museum and sculpture park practically right next door in the neighboring town of Lincoln, the DeCordova Museum.  It's free on the first Wednesday of each month so we took advantage of that. It was a gorgeous morning to be outside. It is on 30 acres with walking trails and paths all through it and sculptures scattered here, there and everywhere.  The museum is for contemporary art. Neither of us are big fans of contemporary art but we heard a lot about this place, it was a beautiful day to be out, and it was free!

The Park sits on the shores of Flint Pond.
If I haven't mentioned it before, there are ponds everywhere here. Water, water everywhere! Ponds, creeks, rivers, lakes or ocean.  I love it!

Alrighty then.  Here is a good example of why we are not huge fans...
a human head on an otter's body?  Kinda creepy.

These were our favorites...I didn't take any photos of the really "weird" ones.(besides the otter) To Each His Own. 
I'm happy there are people who love this.  :)

The sun was bright and positioned just so I could not get a decent photo but...
this was my favorite "sculpture" by far and away.  There are few things as magnificent and beautiful as a huge perfectly formed tree.  
"I think that I shall never see a poem( or sculpture)  as lovely as a tree.
Have I mentioned how I MUCH I love the trees here?  I will miss them so much. 

We saw one of these amazing trees last summer in Newport Rhode Island in one of the mansion's backyards there.  I am crazy over them.  Look closely and you will see some children inside through the little opening.  I would so love to have one in my yard for my grandkids! They would live in there. A complete and natural hide out.  With awesome climbing branches as a bonus! 

The displays in the art museum itself were ridiculous (yes, I said it. But we've talked to others who have been there and they feel the same) 
it was covered in Boston Ivy which I have seen far too little of since I've been here
I got to watch Jack Sparrow and his famous walk for a few minutes so it wasn't a total waste of time.  

We made our Costco run for supplies for our zone lunch on Friday and in the evening celebrated a Boston Massachusetts Mission tradition with our neighbors, the Dahles.  There is a restaurant in New England called The 99.  The tradition is when you have 99 days left on your mission your go there for dinner.  The Dahles are temple missionaries who arrived and will depart at the same time as we do so it was only fitting that we share this evening with them!

 Thursday is our day in heaven (aka our day in the temple).
Remember the family from our ward (the Portuguese Group) who came last week to be sealed together as a family for time and all eternity?
We were still had assignments inside and couldn't go out to take photos but I asked the Walshes to send me some which they graciously did.
I present to you the Frimpong family!
Eric, Fatima, Joey, and Erica.

It was a bit of heaven to share in their joy that day. 

Friday we had a great zone conference.  It never ceases to amaze me how these young men and women , some straight out of high school, rise to the level expected of them so quickly and so well.
It is impressive to see 18 and 19 olds planning, organizing and conducting 2 hour meetings that need to inspire, teach and lead other 18-22 years olds and not only that but keep them interested as well. 
 Future C.E.O.s are being trained here as well as future bishops, RS presidents, etc.

They demonstrated the principle that the way we present the gospel is important and can make a difference by smashing a cake in the face of one of the elders and then, bringing him back in after he cleaned up and presenting him a lovely decorated cake served on a silver tray with china, silverware and a rose in a vase.  The points were made that we shouldn't throw the gospel  at someone all at once.  Give them  a bite at a time that they can savor and digest.  Let them enjoy the experience of feasting on the word.  Present it with the respect, dignity and honor it deserves. 

3 of our elders are going home within the next few weeks so they bore their testimonies today.
They spoke each in their own way of how much they love their Savior and how happy they are to be serving Him.  And how these years were the best of their lives.  We love them and pray for their continued happiness and faithfulness.

Here is our cute zone.  Many new faces for us to get to know. 

(this one's for you, Marissa! :)

I didn't take any photos of the lunch but as it is National Sandwich Month ( come on people, you didn't know this?) we had... sandwiches.  Make your own meat and cheese and a  homemade chicken salad.  Ice cream sundaes for dessert. 

I want to give a little shout out to Sister Walsh and Elder Walsh, the other senior couple in our zone.  They are MLS and assigned to work in the Portuguese Group and are very involved in every aspect of the Group and the young missionaries they work with.  They are hard working, dedicated and consecrated.  We admire and love them so much. 
Elder Walsh speaks Portugeuse and is a counselor in the group presidency. His work, it seems, is never done.  
Sister Walsh is always looking for ways to serve, the group, the missionaries, or both.  She has taught  the missionaries how to plan for an event such as a baptism or group activity, from start to finish, with every detail they may overlook.  She weekly takes in their mending (and there is often ALOT!  Those elders are rough on their pants, pockets and seams!) 
She is now involved in helping them to eat more nutritious meals, learn to budget, and to cook.  
I just love her and our zone is so blessed to have her!!

Below are her handouts for this week.

Thank you Walshes.  You are the best!

You are one of the reasons we love our mission and can go our way rejoicing.It is our associations with our young missionaries, and good people like the Dahles and the Walshes that we enjoy most of all.


  1. Thanks for celebrating sandwiches­čśŹ best. Song. Ever. Love you!!

  2. the otter/human?? not a little bit creepy...waaaaaay creepy. so weird. and YES! i want and need one of those trees for my kids to play magical. and 99 days, hooray! (well even less now!!)