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MAY 18-24, 2015

I"m on a wonderful mission with my husband, the sun is shining, the gospel is is being shared, we are meeting inspiring people,we are surrounded by faithful and happy missionaries, good friends have come for a visit and we got to go to an island!

Tuesday our zone all got together at the Walsh's apartment to watch the Mission Webex  
and have a farewell lunch for Elder Santiago who goes home to Brazil on Friday.
 This scene warms my heart. They all sat with rapt attention just soaking up every word from their beloved President.  They respect him so very much. For good reason, I might add.

 Our happy sisters.

The following are pictures with all our missionaries who are being transferred to another area.

 Sister Heileson
 Sister Thompson

 Elder Corpus

 Sister Lowenthal

Elder Santiago

The Walsh's outdid themselves and served up BBQ'd London Broil, corn on the cob,  and baked beans along with her famous Lemonade Slush and Texas sheetcake! I brought a pasta salad and Elder Santiago made Brazilian cheese rolls. Needless to say, a very good time was had by all. 

I am including this photo to once again express my wonder and delight at this incredible spring green I am still seeing everywhere here. Please notice this green throughout the photos in this week's blog.  Only the few photos noted were edited with color boosts.  All the rest are just the way it is: an amazing, vibrant almost glow-in-the-dark spring green. I can't get over it!

One of my oldest and dearest friends, Kathy Kinney, has a business conference in Boston next week so she came a few days early to spend some time with us.  Her daughter and son in law, Connie and Randy Thiel) wanted in on the fun so they arrived a day later!  Kathy was born and raised here in Stoughton, Massachusetts but had never been to Martha's Vineyard so that was her one request that we spend some time there. I was more than happy to make that happen, for that charming island happens to be one of my very very favorite places on this earth.  We picked Kathy up at the airport, had dinner and just visited a bit on Wednesday evening.  We showed her around here on Thursday...our lovely temple, and Lexington and Concord... before we headed back to the airport to pick up "the kids".  Neither of us like our picture taken so you'll have to wait a bit to see her ;)

 A lilac explosion at the Old Manse in Concord.
 Never get tired of this bridge.
And see what I'm talking about with this spring green?  It doesn't look real, I know!

 Or these steeples.

Or these roof lines.

 Or this charm.

A BBQ pulled pork, macaroni and cheese grilled cheese sandwich...
WHAT were we thinking? (so crazy we just had to try it.  Kind of dry :(

Here's my Kathy!  Dinner at Wahlburgers was on their trip wish list. 
For those who may not know, the Wahlberg brothers ( Mark and Donnie are the more famous ones but there are a slew of them!)  are from Boston and opened their own restaurant.  Good burgers and sweet potato tater tots. 
Connie and Randy's plane was delayed but we still stopped by Plymouth Rock so they could see it ( trip wish list! ) even if in the dark.  (no pics).


Day One.

 Pulling into the harbor on the ferry.

 Breakfast straight off the ferry.
notice the grey shies in the harbor pics and how it's clearing nicely here. Then notice the gorgeous, not a cloud to be seen sky in the later pictures.  90% chance of rain was predicted for today and it turned out to be sunny and pleasant all day! Such a sweet gift!

 Our little cabin by the sea. (kinda sorta by the sea :) Adequate for our needs. Basically just sleeping and showering.  We felt blessed to find anything as it was a holiday weekend and we were only there one night. 
The following were taken on a walk around our block.

 One of the little island things that makes me very happy...
blue water down the end of a tree lined lane.

 The beach at the end (and around the corner) of our street.

You know me and cottage names.

Seeing a lighthouse was on the list.  We saw four!
 East Chop Light

 West Chop Light

 Happiness.  Again.

 Lilacs were everywhere! :)

 Alley's old time general store in West Tisbury.  Love it!
Notice Dr./Elder B is working hard!

 American flags, antique coke machines and screen doors- love!

We had lunch in this little place behind Alley's.  You order inside and sit out on benches on the porch to eat.  Read that "the best chef on the island" started this place but the food was nothing special. 

We spent today "up island".   This is the gorgeous walk through the woods to get to Lambert Cove Beach, the prettiest beach on the island. 
This walk to the beach was Kathy's favorite part of the day.

 Yes, I did doctor this photo but just a tiny bit.

 Our baby-mooners on a romantic walk along the shore. Connie is due in September!

Another thing I love about the Vineyard- all the ponds.  Pond on the left, ocean on the right.

 Almost drove right by this little lovely.  Kathy's hawk eyes spotted it just in time.
A "must taste" for the island. 

They make and sell the chocolates right here in this little house with no signs behind the house on the street.  And yes, they were scrumptious!

Following are more upisland scenes...

Crazy about these rock walls. They are all over the inner island. 
Wild turkeys. 
 Look at the size of that horse!
I love this part of the island so very much because it is real bonafide country life with forests, trees, farms, pastures, and those rock walls everywhere. I couldn't find it this trip but 20 years ago I found my dream home... a property with stone walls and big trees and horses in the front of the house, a fabulous big ol' New England farm house in the middle AND a long rolling grassy backyard that ended at THE BEACH!!!  And it's on an island! 

 Aquinnah Lighthouse.  
Lighthouse #3!
 It is in danger of falling into the sea so it is in the process of being moved inland a bit.
When we were here 20 years ago we could walk along the beach below the cliffs. Now it is off limits. 

Next stop: Menemsha, a small working dishing village.

 It became very very windy and chilly but these brave souls are having their romantic lobstah and oyster dinner with fresh flowers outside anyway!
Love them!

 Last catch of the day.

 Ever wonder what a 10 pound lobster looks like?  Wonder no more.
It's too bad its in with other big one (6-10 lbs.) so you can't really appreciate it without a 1-2 lb. one with which to compare it.  Trust  me - it was huge

 More hearty souls.

The Plan was to order a lobster, etc. to go at Larsen's Fish Market and eat at on the beach while watching the sunset.  The chilly and extremely blustery winds put an end to that. So we ended up here.  It is the same restaurant Dale and I and my sister Susan and Mike so fondly remember from our trip here those 20 years ago! 

From it's windows you can see the 'pond' where that famous scene from Jaws was filmed- the one where Sheriff Brody's sons are in the pond and they barely escape the shark's attacks.

Happy Campers!

Not so happy campers (2 anyway!)
Randy's first taste of clams and oysters. Connie and Kathy couldn't even watch. :D 
This was not staged.  They stayed this way until he and Dale were finished. 


 Finished this perfect day off with some Backdoor Donuts-yum!

Martha's Vineyard Day Two
Oak Bluffs and Edgartown

The darling Campground Cottages in Oak Bluffs. 
I absolutely adore this place!
Home of the Illumination Night.


Lighthouse #4 :  Edgartown Light.

 Yep.  Photo edited. But nice, right?

I think I have decided that Edgartown, Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts, U.S.A. would be my very favorite place to live.  I didn't take any photos other than the lighthouse and vicinity but it is other worldly gorgeous and breathtakingly beautiful.  Stunning homes with astonishing views. Tree lined, lamp lined, flag lined streets. 100% Americana.  One need to be a gabillionaire to live there.  :(

Farewell my beloved Vineyard.  
I certainly hope there is a next time.

Parting shots taken from the ferry.

We were in a completely full ferry on the way over but practically empty on the way back.
We left just when the holiday crowds were arriving full force. 

On the way home we stopped in Marion, Massachusetts at the Beverly Yacht Club, Inc.. or BYCI.
It's a great story.
Kathy's mother was born in Marion where her parents both worked at the Yacht Club. 
Her mother's name is:
Beverly Yola Constance Infantino
Initials:  BYCI.
Gotta love that!

Another incredibly beautiful place.

We dropped off our friends at their hotel in Boston and said our fond yet sad goodbyes.
Connie and Randy will stay and explore Boston until Tuesday and Kathy has her conference until Saturday.  Kathy has brothers in the area and will visit with them this week as well.
It was a wonderful visit.  Thank you friends!  Love you!

The icing on the cake for our wonderful week:

Another baptism!

Freddy and Marlene Rodrigues

The entire family is taking the lessons, however the parents have a few things to iron out before getting baptized but the children were ready and the parents didn't want them to have to wait. 

They were welcomed with open arms to the Portuguese Group, the ward, Young Men and Primary. 
The good news and glad tidings are reaching so many and more and more are being brought into the light and joy of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

We most certainly are!
We rejoice in good friends, beautiful places, and souls progressing.

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