Friday, September 26, 2014

September 15-21,2014

One of our slower weeks so far.
But still plenty busy.  We marvel each night how fast the day speeds by and before we know it is 9 p.m.! Our  daily "To Do" lists never seem to get completely checked off.

We switched around our PDay this week and spent Saturday with the Moores in Charlestown so we could attend a Home Tour of historic homes in the area.  It was lovely.  A beautiful day to be out walking through this charming part of the Boston area.  We were able to explore 7 different homes ranging in date from the late 18th century through the 19th.  There was a happy mix of styles that showcased how these historic homes have been transformed to meet the needs of today's families and lifestyles.  It was fascinating to see how the homeowners turned every nook and crannie into comfortable and unique living spaces while still maintaining the integrity of their houses.  It is a hilly region ( home to Bunker Hill ), and the tree lined streets complete with gas lamps, window boxes galore, and public parks and spaces was almost as delightful to explore as the homes.  Unfortunately, photos inside the homes were taboo, but hopefully the following photos will give you a glimmer of the beauty and charm of this neighborhood. One of our favorites had a full roof-top deck with amazing views of the Boston skyline, the harbor, the Constitution (an old sailing ship- think Captain Jack Sparrow), and the Bunker Hill Monument. 

"The boys" were great sports! Actually, they enjoyed it as much as the girls. 

Don't you love everything about this?

The next 4 photos are from Bunker Hill.

The entire Freedom Trail is marked like this and one can follow it on foot in its entirety .

Bunker Hill Monument

This photo and the following 2 are the view from the deck of a fabulous house!
Would love to see this at night.

The Constitution masts behind the trees.

Roof top deck. Sigh.

Love this old Fire House!

I'm a sucker for gas lamps.

We enjoyed a late lunch at Warren Tavern, where Paul Revere himself enjoyed a meal or two!

Other highlights of the week include:

Family Home Evening and Pot Luck Dinner with all the Temple missionaries and the temple presidency and their wives.  Sorry- once again I forgot to take photos.  Our neighbors, the Dahles, taught a lesson on kindness.  I neglected to mention that our literal next door neighbors,Dave and Joleen Dahle, are also missionaries, serving in the temple here. We are usually on very different schedules and don't see a lot of them but it is wonderful knowing they are there (to borrow butter, eggs or crock pots!)
I made a Pinterest "experiment"- Reese's Peanut Butter Cup and Cream Cheese Ball . You dip Nilla Wafers , graham crackers, and green apples into it.  Pretty yummy!

Seeing the leaves gradually changing , day to day. Thrilling!

Serving in the temple. With my sister.  Such a unique and wonderful experience.  (Kathy, you and Keith will have to serve with us on our next mission :D! And Bob and Pat, let's all sign up together!)

District Meeting and feeding the Zone lunch.  We really missed our amazing group of elders and sisters while we were away.  We served Hawaiian Haystacks. They were a hit. So many said it was one of their family favorites back home. They are so grateful for these lunches and that makes it even more fun serving them!

A young woman in her 20's approached our sisters on the bus and wanted to know what church they went to because she was so impressed by the modest way they were dressed.  She said she is very discouraged by the lack of respect it shows God when young people come to her church dressed so inappropriately. She came to church, stayed for the entire 3 hours, participated and commented over and over how happy she was to see so many women respectfully worshipping the Lord.  She said she will be back next Sunday.

The very best part of the week was Sunday when we witnessed 2 baptisms!

Djeison and Ildo
Djeison (pronounced Jason) Lopes from our ward. He was baptized by a fairly recent convert himself, Ildo.  It was a special experience for Ildo and one both he and Djeison will never forget. We were so happy to see their happiness.

Mike had his first baptism!

  It was a moving service and Mike and Susan performed their song beautifully.  It was especially touching to see how this baptism came together. He was taught in Mike and Susan's ward but lives in the Arlington Ward so he was baptized there and will attend there.  It was so gratifying to see how these 2 wards came together to make this a memorable occasion and day for Mark Anthony.  Many made sacrifices to see this happen.  A couple from Rhode Island drove 3 hours round trip so Sister Scott, who was one of the missionaries who taught him, could be there.
I was most touched by a young couple from Mike and Susan's Cambridge ward who rented a car so she could come and play the piano for the baptism.  They don't need a car for their life in the city.  I love seeing the gospel in action and all the Christ-like service being rendered every day right in front of me.  It's wonderful!

It is no wonder that we are able to go our way rejoicing!  :)

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  1. Beautiful!! That home tour must have been amazing....heaven for you! Love hearing about all your investigators and baptisms. Keep up the wonderful work! We love you!